Technology Trends

With the addition of laser scanners to our field surveying methods, we are able to accurately collect a tremendous volume of detailed survey data. Providing significant cost reduction to our clients by increasing the productivity of field crews and expediting the work-schedule by reducing the need for encroachment permits and minimizing physical footprint into potentially hazardous conditions.

Especially effective in topographic survey and mapping applications; transportation corridors, tunnels and bridges; complex pipe networks; electric substations and transmission structures, as well as intricate and detailed architectural structures; all of which previously have proven a daunting task to survey, are now easily scanned and translated into a three-dimensional CAD environment.

3D Laser Scanning is becoming an integral part of almost every topographic survey project, reducing costs and providing significantly superior quantity and quality of topographic survey data; office technicians are often able to find detailed information in the scan point cloud that otherwise might have require additional field survey.

  • SCE Substation, Corridor and Alignment Surveys
  • Complex Gas Pipe Networks/Valve Stations
  • Railroad Corridor and Tunnel Surveys
  • Freeways, Bridges and Tunnels
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)