WestLAND Group, Inc. recently was the gold sponsor at the UESI 2018 Surveying & Geomatics Conference at Cal Poly Pomona. Neal McPherson, P.L.S. and Vice President of Utility Operations, presented on the Technological Advances in Pipeline Mapping.


The presentation focused on the evolution of technology used to support the visualization, modelling, and management of the pipeline industry. In particular, on the natural gas, oil, and fuel pipeline industry.

Remote sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology play an important role in developments made in surveying and mapping, in particular, spatial resolution and accuracy offer means of acquiring spatial data that seemed difficult a decade ago. However, with new mapping techniques and technologies, the unlikely has become a reality. Through recent advancements the geospatial information has enriched providing holistic project views and various industries have benefited from geospatial data, including but not limited to, infrastructure, land formations, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to name a few. One particular industry that has advanced from the improvements in mapping technology has been pipeline engineering. With the ever-growing demand placed on utility agencies to identify and document their assets, the need has never been greater for accurate as-built surveys, project construction updates, and modeling of building facilities. Geospatial technologies offer solutions for facility management needed in the pipeline industry to provide utility agencies with opportunities to economically capture and record their assets.


WestLAND Group was also an exhibitor at the conference sharing hands-on experiences of some of the new advancements in mapping including:

-3d Printing

-Laser Scanning

-Microsoft’s HOLO Lens


And was able to share new advancements in technology with other professionals as well as inspire current students to continue to push the field of Surveying & Geomatics forward.