Involvement with Cal Poly Pomona’s Engineering and Geospatial Departments

The WestLAND Team proudly continues its support of the Cal Poly Pomona Engineering Department through sponsorship of many events and as well as mentor-ship programs. WLG also serves as a member of the Advisory Board for Cal Poly Pomona’s Engineering and Geospatial Departments, provides educational training for their CLSA campus chapter, and is recognized for the firm’s continued support to their internship program. As an Advisory Board member, WLG guides students through their senior, real-time projects and participates in site walks to ensure a true understanding of the project area/constraints. To assist professors and provide real-time experience, WLG conducts lab classes for the students to further infuse their experience in engineering, geospatial, and planning concepts. Additionally, WLG routinely hires student interns working on earning their degrees, most of whom have become full-time employees. 

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