Florence Lake Dam

Client: Southern Californina Edison

Location: Florence Lake Dam

As part of our ongoing support of SCE, Westland Group was recently tasked with performing a complex topographic survey of the Florence Lake Dam. Hidden deep within the majestic Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, this project promised to be a rewarding challenge. The survey included setting permanent horizontal and vertical control markers to be used for dam repairs, improvements and construction activities scheduled to be completed over the next 5-10 years.

Anticipating the rugged terrain and scope of work that was requested, we threw the kitchen sink at this project; selecting two of our most talented staff and deploying them with a wide array of sophisticated survey equipment including survey grade Static and RTK GPS system, millimeter accuracy digital level, 3D Laser Scanner and 1” accuracy robotic/reflectorless total station.

The terrain was as expected. The dam was impressive both in height, width and vertical relief. The site proved challenging for establishing hard elevations at key locations. The final deliverables included volume calculations of sediment buildup on lake side of the dam, comprehensive topographic mapping 3d exhibits which included approximately 3000 L.F. of the dam structure, all appurtenances, detailed spillway information and 30 acre site for construction of a water treatment facility. In addition to the design drawings and 3D exhibits, we prepared a virtual walk-through / fly-through utilizing panoramic photos and point cloud data obtained from our laser scanner that is being used for presentations and demonstrating feasibility of proposed improvements.