Irwindale Mining Pit Surveys

Client: City of Irwindale

Location: Irwindale

WestLAND Group performed numerous mining pit surveys as part of an on-going effort to support the mining engineering group within the City of Irwindale. WestLAND performed research and mission planning and established aerial control for photogrammetric and bathymetric surveys, including GPS/GNSS surveys and conventional surveying techniques. With the use of a dual frequency echo-sounder we were able to accurately produce a lake bottom profile that was used to estimate under water material extraction quantities.


Topographic and Boundary survey maps were prepared for eleven open mining pit locations within the city. WestLAND office personnel generated digital terrain models (DTM’s) at each location and performed quantity/volume calculations for the city to verify the amount of material removed in a year over year comparison. The client also required detailed slope analysis for which our in-house staff created color-coded slope exhibit maps used to identify slope areas that were out of compliance with specified slope stability and safety requirements. As an additional service we prepared finished surfaces for future mining pit reclamation; used to calculate fill volumes that will be required during mine close-out procedures. Digital survey data and mapping deliverables were also exported into a GIS deliverable format, including shape files and geodatabase files to be incorporated into the city GIS system.