SCE Red Bluff Substation

Client: PAR Electrical Contractors

Location: Desert Center, CA

WestLAND Group provided surveying and engineering for a 105 acre substation site and a 5 mile access road near Desert Cneter, CA. Existing control and boundary monuments were tied into and verified. Rough grade staking was provided for limits of disturbance, perimeter and interior slopes, drainage canals, access roads, pads, and contour lines. Earth quantity surveys were performed to assist grading contractor and determine redesign grading plan elevations. Staking was provided for utilities(water, sewer, storm drain, and electrical) including drainage culverts and toe drains. Grading and pad certification was also provided in sections to allow construction to continue. Precise staking was performed for two buildings and hundreds of structure foundations. Culverts and edge pavement were staked along the 5 mile access road and interior roads. Safety training and environmental awareness combined with efficient survey procedures and coordination contributed to the success of this project.