The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle craze is real and its momentum heightens with every conference and news article. The possibility it offers for different professions has become a reality, as the integration of drone technology into everyday practice has been implemented, and the real value of this technology is being appreciated in dramatic ways. Seeing real time enhancements to various industries is proof that UAV’s are having a real-world impact for many sectors, one of which who is seeing a major impact is the Engineering and Geomatics Profession.

The WestLAND Group’s FAA 333 exemption allows the company, under the direction of our Professional Licensed Surveyor’s, to harvest this technology. WestLAND Group, as being know as always being on the forefront of cutting edge technology, has been introducing UAV’s in its work processes. UAV’s have now become another technology tool in WestLAND’s Survey Engineers toolbox, like the Robotic Total Station, and GPS have done.

In addition to obtaining amazing color digital ortho photos, data collection, and producing real-time quantities for mining operations, WestLAND has introduced the use of UAV’s in the Site Development, Infrastructure, Oil, Gas, and Wind Turbine industry providing real-time analyses, cost reductions, and safety enhancements. WestLAND has developed techniques and policies using UAV’s in its engineering and mapping process. And the use of UAV’s in the site planning process, change detection, 3D mapping, bridge, electric, pipeline, river, and wind turbine inspections has stepped up our game which may still just be touching the tip of the iceberg for utilizing this new tool in our profession.

All of these technological developments serve to enhance how we collect data and what we can and should expect from these tools as a Professional Organization. Call us and we will show you how and why to incorporate the use of UAV’s in your next project and see firsthand WestLAND’s effectiveness and efficiencies.