WLG Giving Back To Its Community

WLG had a great opportunity to give back to the community within the City of Ontario, California. A group of student architects from the University of Cal Poly Pomona approached WLG for assistance in creating the civil engineering plans for “Huerta Del Valle” (Orchard of the Valley), a project for agricultural education. The projects purpose is to:

  • “See garden members, who are everyday people in Ontario, working actively to build the Ontario/region/society they want to see
  • Nurture research by Ontario youth and adults about environmental detriments and their solutions.
  • Huerta Del Valle to be a space for building analysis and capacity for action.
  • Huerta Del Valle to be a training center to grow the crop of committed individuals who can make the organizations vision (We envision one garden every mile in our city. We envision a city where all people can eat delicious, nutritious, fresh, local, sustainably produced and just food.) A reality and shift the food system in our region toward a healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and just.”

The three-acre parcel of land was by donated by the City of Ontario and Pitzer College under the,” Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) Zone Initiative” funded by Kaiser Permanente. Pitzer College also assisted Huerta Del Valle in “working toward leadership development and building Huerta Del Valle so that it eventually becomes a self-sustaining organization.”

WLG provided the students with staff assistance (all staff were Cal Poly alumni), the use of its building and utilities to complete those plans. As the plans and project were approved, and area was re-purposed to its vision, WLG was inducted as a honorary member of the Huerta Del Valle Center, and participate in its annual anniversary celebration.


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