As a result of the recent directives issued by our governmental agencies (CDC and WHO) regarding COVID-19, WestLAND Group, Inc. (WLG) is responding to the situations facing our communities by taking the precautions necessary to protect our employees, families, and clients while not impacting clients, projects, and our quality of work.

We greatly value our team members and clients and are working to mitigate items as they come about. WLG is preparing internal operational plans by: 1) identifying key individuals and processes who will monitor and prepare updated plans to ensure that there are no service interruptions; and, 2) by allowing employees to work offsite, as necessary, in order to complete work assignments while caring for family members impacted by this viral disease (schools, daycares, etc.).

Please remember that everyone can do their part in helping reduce the spread of any virus. Ensure safe practices!

About the author: Nancy Stoyanowski

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