Public Works Improvements

Cities and municipal agencies in California rely on WLG’s civil engineering, geospatial, and utility locating expertise for a wide range of public infrastructure and Capital Improvement Projects. We work in close collaboration with cities and counties, construction companies, water districts and transportation agencies to meet essential community needs for water and sewer, roads and streets and to enhance urban environments with community centers, bike trails, parks and open space.

Related Capabilities
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Technical Engineering Studies
  • Field Surveying and Mapping
  • Street Rehabilitation and Replacement
  • Right-of-Way Analysis
  • Legal Descriptions and Exhibits
  • Laser Scanning (LIDAR)
  • Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)
  • Construction Staking
  • Monument Preservation
  • Easement Plats
  • Expert Witness Testimony


Streets and Transportation

WLG helps public works agencies, city and county planning departments maintain and improve their urban transportation networks. Engineers facilitate the design and construction of streets and roadways, sidewalks, paths, bike lanes and transit corridors.

WestLAND's Group Multimodal Network Image - Shows a bike street sign.

Multimodal Network

Etiwanda Corridor | KOA Corporation | Rialto, CA

To serve the needs of commuters and recreational bicyclists, the city of Rialto undertook the construction of nine miles of easily accessible bike lanes and routes within the Etiwanda Corridor.WLG provided surveying and mapping services to help the city create a model bike network for the region, with north-south and east-west connections to existing bike routes and multimodal access to bus and rail lines.

WestLAND's Group Urban Revitalization Image - Shows Dana Point Lantern District signage.

Urban Revitalization

Lantern District Town Center | City of Dana Point | Dana Point, CA

The City of Dana Point undertook a massive revitalization of its Lantern District to create a pedestrian-friendly Town Center for shopping, dining, living and working. WLG provided topographic surveys, construction staking and monument preservation for the extensive street and hardscape improvements. WLG’s scope included legal descriptions, records of survey and mobile laser scanning and as-built verifications. The new Town Center is an engaging destination for Dana Point residents and visitors alike. 

WestLAND's Group Roadway Maintenance Image - Shows an arrow painted on the road.

Roadway Maintenance

Street Resurfacing and ADA Enhancements | City of Rancho Cucamonga | Rancho cucamonga, ca

Like most municipalities, the City of Rancho Cucamonga allocates funds annually to upgrade and improve streets and roadways. As part of this effort, the city partners with WLG to preserve survey monuments and corner records, stake construction and monitor rail traffic during construction. Our scope of work also includes gathering and managing legal property descriptions and exhibits, records of survey and tract maps.

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Water and Sewer

Our engineers work with public agencies and water districts to meet community needs for water supply facilities and wastewater management.

WestLAND's Group Wastewater Management Image

Water Facility

Plant F-10 East | San Gabriel Valley Water Company (SGVWC) | Fontana, Ca

SGVWC continues to upgrade its infrastructure to better serve customers. As part of the agency’s improvements to a critical water treatment plant, WLG was pleased to provide civil engineering design, utility studies and a Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP). Our scope of work also included surveying, mapping and construction support to facilitate the installation of two new steel reservoirs, a new groundwater production well and associated piping.

WestLAND's Group Water Facility Image

Wastewater Management

Santa Fe Wash Sewer Replacement | City of Victorville | Victorville, CA

Sewer construction near Hesperia Road along the Santa Fe Wash required some of WLG’s most sophisticated surveying and mapping techniques. The jobsite, located along the BNSF railroad line, is near the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA). To produce an aerial topographic survey of the site, WLG secured FAA approval, then deployed UAV drones to capture aerial photogrammetry and orthographic photos. The result was a base map that included linework, annotations and DTM surface updates and contours.

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WLG helps municipalities control stormwater runoff by providing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), surveying and mapping of drainage sites and supervising the construction of pipelines to ensure public safety.

WestLAND's Group Storm Drains Image with workers and a crane.

Storm Drains

Hellman Avenue Street Widening | City of Rancho Cucamonga | Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Hellman Avenue Street Widening and Storm Drain Improvements project was constructed in two phases and included nearly two miles of mainline storm drains. WLG performed surveying and engineering services to extend the project’s new downstream drainage connection at Cucamonga Creek Channel to San Bernardino Road, easing flood concerns in this busy urban corridor.