Utility & Infrastructure

With over 20 years of experience serving the West Coast’s largest power and natural gas companies, WLG has unrivaled knowledge of end-to-end processes and regulatory requirements to keep utility projects on track. Our extensive service offerings and infrastructure expertise allow us to deliver work products that exceed client expectations project after project.

Related Capabilities
  • Engineering and Design for High Pressure Gas Pipeline Replacement
  • Gas Pipeline Hydrotest
  • Project Closeout and Reconciliation
  • Cathodic Protection and Pipeline Validation Digs
  • LiDAR Laser Scanning of Complex Assets
  • Project Management or Staff Augmentation (Onsite/Remote)
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Planning and Permitting/Traffic Control
  • Utility Research and Locating
  • Mobilehome Park Utility Conversion Program
  • Civil Engineering for Natural Gas Facilities and Facility Process Design
  • Land Surveying and Construction Staking
  • QA/QC Design Review


Natural Gas Utilities

WLG’s legacy is rooted in the utility sector, specifically in the natural gas industry. Initially providing services to the nation’s largest gas distribution company SoCalGas. WLG has expanded its services and geographic locations, leveraging its expertise and technical capabilities to serve many of the region’s natural gas and electric utility companies.

WestLAND's Group Natural Gas Pipelines Image - Shows mobile home construction.

Natural Gas Pipelines

Mobilehome Park Utility Conversion program | SoCalGas, SCE | Southern, CA

WLG has been a valued partner in California’s Mobilehome Park Utility Conversion Program (MHPUCP) since it began in 2014. The CPUC-approved program incentivizes mobilehome parks and manufactured housing communities to replace or update their energy distribution systems to maximize safety and efficiency. To date, the program has facilitated needed improvements San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

WestLAND's Group Image for Natural Gas Facilities - Shows line art of pipelines.

Natural Gas Facilities

High Pressure Gas Meter | SocalGas | Vernon, CA

WLG leveraged its pipeline engineering expertise to design a gas meter assembly and facility and that exceeded customer requirements to handle high loads and pressures. In addition to the facility design, our team evaluated and surveyed the installation site to ensure proper preparation for grading, concrete foundations and construction.

WestLAND's Group Natural Gas Storage Image - Shows pipelines in a Natural Gas Storage unit.

Natural Gas Storage

La Goleta Gas Storage Facility | SoCalGas | Goleta, CA

SoCalGas hired WLG to accurately locate and map various operational components at all of their underground storage facilities. These extensive land and aerial surveys and detailed final reports contain GPS location data plotted on digital maps to improve operational efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.

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Energy and Power

WLG has performed extensive work with power companies in Southern California, helping to identify property boundaries, establishing rights-of-way, mapping substations and surveying powerline transmission corridors.

WestLAND's Group EV Charging Stations Image

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Charge Ready Program | SCE | Fontana, CA

WLG  provided surveying and engineering services for Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Charge Ready Program in Fontana, CA. The project included installation of six public vehicle charging stations to better serve EV commuters and encourage the transition to electric vehicles. WLG conducted a 3D laser scan of the project area for use in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and verification.

WestLAND's Group Electric Overhead Facilities Image

Electric Overhead Facilities

Pardee No. 2 220KV | SCE | Moorpark, C

Southern California’s electrical grid supplies power over highly varied, often difficult terrain. SCE tasked WLG with surveying the towers of a 220 KV transmission line that crosses through steep mountains in northern L.A. County. Using traditional and aerial surveying techniques, WLG’s team validated existing survey monuments and installed additional control points to build a more complete picture of the region’s complex electrical infrastructure.

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